Monday, December 3, 2007

The Storm Dec 3 2007

So They say this strom was suppose to be the strongest encountered here since 95'. So far I think they are pretty accurate. I attended an emergency town meeting with the CO on Friday. We had all the local big wigs there. We meet at the courthouse and had the National Weather Service on conference phone with the other counties as well. They were stating how strong this was gonna hit and the duration of it was something they wanted everyone to be aware of. It was pretty cool. And of course I was sitting in the back of the room all excited while most the room seemed to be a little concerned. They told us that we were expecting winds to be constant at 65 kts with gusts 80-100kts. The hit it dead on with some gusts reported in Lincoln City at 125 mph. This strom wasn't cold but carried some rain and snow in the higher regions. The main concern was the wind. Oh and the seas i guess. They called seas 40-43 ft and we are getting all of it too. It looks cool. We lost power for roughly 9 hours yesterday. The picture below is my neighbors tree uprooted with his car under it somewhere. And another tree in town snapped in half. Look how big the trunk is. This thing pack some power this go around. Also a shed at the local coffee shop just blew apart with no regard to what was in it. Hope you guys enjoy the shots. Everything is fine with us and our things. We prepared early by putting stuff inside and double checking things.

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Huston Family said...

Holy Crap!!! I bet that guy is so mad about his car!