Monday, December 10, 2007

Thanks Aunt Amanda

YIPPEE, We are not sick anymore!!!!! We started getting things ready for Christmas this weekend. We got our tree, decor out and even started hanging the lights. Hopefully Ben will finish that today. The boys are so excited about it all. Bryce is just in awe with it all, its really cute.

A few months ago Noah and Bryce's Aunt Amanda sent them the Little People Christmas Village. Last night while they were sleeping I got it out and set it up. Its so cute, I admit I played with it :) Anyways when Noah woke up this morning he thought that Santa had come and set it up. I told him that it was from his Aunt Amanda, Uncle Matt and cousins. He was sooo happy. He said "I have the best cousin ever, how did they know I wanted that." He is a silly boy. Anyways, they have been playing with it ALL morning long. THANKS AMANDA!!! Bryce really likes the tree, it sings "Oh Christmas Tree" and its pretty loud. Carries the tree all over the house pushing that darn button.

Here are some pictures of Bryce playing. Don't mind the no clothes, or the mess. Its been a lazy morning :)

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Amanda said...

You're Welcome Sweeties!

We've had that set for years and the kids still like to play with it. I put it away every year with the Christmas stuff and then they're excited to see it when we pull all the ornaments out.

I'm thrilled they had fun with it today - Love you guys!