Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to us

So I am 28 yrs old today!! Funny thing is I don't feel like having a panic attack or anything....at least not yet:) Noah is off to preschool and Bryce is still sleeping. So I am enjoying my Birthday morning with a quite cup of coffee and the computer. YIPEE!!! Now if the dog would leave me alone for 5 minutes I would be in heaven. Tonight we are heading up to LC for some sushi with a group of friends. Can't wait, I LOVE SUSHI! Noah is a little bummed because he doesn't get to have any but he will live. The sitter will be here at 6 to watch over 5 kids....Have fun Cheyenne:)

In other great news that not all of you know. Today is also my niece Skyler's Birthday too. She is 5 today. Such a big girl now. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKY!!! I love sharing my Birthday with her, even if we have never been together for it. I don't know it's just fun knowing someone with the same Birthday as you. And having that someone be your niece is even better. I LOVE YOU SKY!!

Maybe next year we will be able to celebrate our special day together.

Im sure I will have pictures from tonight to load later. Until then have a great day everyone!!!

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Huston Family said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish I could be with you to spend your birthday!!! I know you will have fun though!!!! I am thinking of you!!! Miss you bunches! Luv Ya tons

Dusty ♥