Thursday, February 14, 2008

Poo Poo Head

Noah comes home from school today and just starts going to town with events that took place during school. By the time this story was over I think I had heard "poo poo head" enough to last a lifetime.

Noah: "Mom, Spencer called Arianna a poo poo head today"
Me: "well thats not nice of him, did you tell your teacher"
Noah: "no mom I told Spencer that poo poo head wasn't nice and he shouldn't call Arianna a poo poo head. Cause poo poo head isn't nice, is it Mom?"
Me: "No Noah it isn't nice and we don't say that."
Noah: "ya Mom I didn't say poo poo head cause I can't say poo poo head, cause I get hot sauce if I say poo poo head, just Spencer said poo poo head to Arianna, not me Mom."
Me: "ok Noah I get the point you need to stop saying that now, it was nice that you told Spencer not to say it and stood up for your friend, but you need to let it go, what else happened today?"
Noah: "Nothing really, just Spencer said poo poo head Mom, we colored and played, I didn't do my numbers but I did my ABC's, and Mom I didn't say poo poo head, just Spencer said poo poo head."

At this point I just changed the subject to lunch. What a smart way to get around saying that so many times without getting into trouble.


Huston Family said...

HA HA HA HA Poo Poo Head! I Love it!!!!

Amanda said...

We had another version of that story this weekend.

Skyler spills milk...
Skyler: SHIT
Me: WHaT? {I was laughing though}
Skyler: Can I say Shit?
Me: No that isn't a nice word.
Skyler: We aren't allowed to say shit?
Me: No. That's a naughty word.
Skyler: Oh, I won't say shit anymore mommy. Are you going to tell Daddy that I said shit? Because we don't say Shit.

How do they figure out that by explaining it 30 times gives them the opportunity to SAY it 30 times?