Sunday, February 17, 2008

Will it ever end?

It seems like at least once a month somebody in this house has to get sick. I am happy to report that it isn't Bryce or myself this time. However, Ben has been sick since he came home Friday from work. Got home about 12pm went straight to bed and has pretty much been there since. He started to feel a little better today. So the neighbor came down to help him work on his rear end or axel (not sure, they might be part of the same thing.) of the truck. But he is not looking too good so I'm sure that when he is done a shower and bed is going to be top on his list.

Last night I took the boys to a friends to play and get outta the house for a little bit. Well about 745ish Noah had fallen asleep downstairs in the playroom. And I will be the 1st to say that isn't Noah, especially at Daygen's house. So all hell breaks loose for some reason just as I'm trying to get my kids out the door. Bryce jumped off the bed started screaming crying, Noah woke up crying cause he didn't want to leave and the 4 other boys were running around trying to get Noah to stay. Brandie helps me load my crying kids up and we take off. By the time I got home Noah was burning up. Ben was in the livingroom trying to get to bed, I get the boys ready for bed, medicine for Noah and everyone falls asleep. I hung out with Noah for awhile waiting for his 104 fever to break. It finally breaks and I get ready for bed. About an hour later Noah was up, fever back and he was just delirious. So the rest of the night until about 630am I listen to Noah laugh, talk, cry, tell stories, see things, all in and out of sleeping. Finally I wake Ben up cause its getting worse and he is just burning up still and really outta it. About 630am his fever breaks and he falls asleep. I hit the couch, Ben woke me up around 815ish cause the baby was awake. He stayed up with Bryce while I went down to sleep with Noah. What a night!!

Noah seems to be doing much better. Had a little fever this am but it seems to have gone away now. Ben just came in from working on the truck and doesn't seem too happy. So off to take care of another:)

Now I just need to keep me and Bryce healthy. If i get sick on my birthday this is not going to be a very happy mommy!!!

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Huston Family said...

Awww Poor Noah! I hope he feels better soon!!! And I hope that you stay well to celebrate your Birthday!!!!