Thursday, February 14, 2008

Start of Valentines Day

I know not a lot of people like Valentines Day, I however am not one of them. I love Valentines!!! All the red, white and pink I just think it so pretty. We don't go all out or anything, just take the day to spend with eachother and our boys doing fun stuff to show our love. I love flowers just as much as the next girl, but they way to my heart is balloons. Yes balloons!! I love them!!!

So Noah and I woke up this morning to find our livingroom loaded with balloons!! Red, white and pink were everywhere. It was so much fun. Along with a heart shaped cookie the boys made for me yesterday (i had no idea) and a card. It was great. I got the boys ready and off to get Noah to school. Bryce and I spend the morning doing errands and such. Picked Noah up came home took some pictures, did lunch, naps and quite time. Noah is currently going thru is Valentines from school reading each one. And to my suprize is asking to "throw is candy away" Thats my boy!!! Ben gets off about 3ish. We have fun Valentines stuff planned at home with the four of us. The kids will open their Valentines gifts from Mom and Dad, heart shaped pizza for dinner and cookies after. Should be lots of fun!!

We hope everyone is enjoying this day with their loved ones!! We love you all!!!


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Huston Family said...

How awesome!!! I Love Valentines Day too!!! My Favortire Holiday!!! But guess who had to spend it alone.... =( Oh well!! Glad you guys had a great day!