Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beach Day

The weather last week was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Thursday I was thinking of taking the boys on a surprise picnic at the beach but not really sure. Then I found out that Amanda and Melisa were heading to the beach and I couldn't pass it up. The boys haven't seen the girls since November and ask about them all the time. I think 1 of the best things about moving out here is getting to know Grandma Debbie's family. They are awesome and we have such a great time with them. Hopefully now that the weather is getting better we can plan more fun things with them. We had so much fun at the beach and the boys can't wait to go back. Bryce was in love with Amanda getting him water for his bucket and of course Noah just ran from everyone but seemed to stay pretty close to Melisa. Here are some pictures of our fun day!!!


Huston Family said...

*Cute Cute! I Do miss the warmer* water there....Gah I can't believe I just admitted that... =)

Coastie Family said...

well if it helps you to feel better our water is freezing ass cold here.