Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H1N1 and Ticks

Anyone else as nervous as I am about these things? I sware to you I'm freaking out. Poor Ben thinks I'm losing my mind and the boys think Mom is crazy. I was okay with H1N1 at 1st then it starting showing up EVERYWHERE! I know that we have medicine for it and that it's not as bad as everyone thought it was. But seriously the thought of it just makes my stomach turn. I really don't want any form of the flu going threw my house. We did that last year and again at the start of our move with Bryce. Never again!

Then these stupid ticks that everyone is talking about. GROSS!!! I'm afraid to let the dog go anywhere near a tree or the woods in the back, and my boys know better then to even ask to play by the woods or bushes. They are checked head to toe for ticks daily and my friend Stacey (who is on the same freak out page with me) gave me a pretty fun little song to sing to the boys while checking. Noah was convinced last night that his head was being shaved due to ticks. I was begging with Ben to double check the boys for me last night. They say ticks are pretty bad this year and a few people I know have seen them. I'm freaking out over here people!! Ben gave me the are you kidding me look with the eye roll when Noah asked him if it was time to shave his head due to ticks.

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