Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lots and lots of Playing!

Its been a week since my last post, want to know why? We have been way too busy playing to blog. No seriously part of me feels soooo bad cause I have been doing the bare minimum around the house. But the weather has been awesome! The boys have loved being outside running around too. It's a hard life trust me ;). So in between school and soccer we have done parks, bikes, trucks, swimming, beach, shopping and BBQ's. We can't wait for Summer to be here! Even better news, Bryce is going to love Summer this year. You remember Bryce from last year right? The one who never came off his towel at the beach, screamed if he got sand on his towel. Hated the water and if you got any on him it was over. The kid you never had to worry about losing cause he was always in Mom's arms, you know that one. Well he is long gone!! We set the pool up in the back and he was jumping in and out splashing water everywhere, at the beach not only did he run on the sand he sat down and dug a hole with Noah. Then get this, he even went in the water with us. Yes I know shocking!! Now if only I could get him to wear sandals life would be good ;).

We are 20 days away from our camping trip with the Costa's!! Of course we are all just so excited. And yes Sarah I know you would make a comment right now but you can't get the silly thing to work :). It's going to be so awesome getting all the kids back together again and being able to hang out. I'm really excited to see Niagara Falls too.
Well here are some pictures of the kids playing in the backyard with Emma threw out the week. Enjoy!

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Huston Family said...

Fun! I wish the weather was that warm here!! I havent blown up the pool in a year!!!!