Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Today was Bryce's 12th trip to the ENT in the past 5 weeks. Okay that number might be inflated a little bit but seriously not that much. Last month he ended up with a double ear infection, pneumonia and strep throat. What can I say the boy knows how to do it right. Due to the mass amounts of drainage coming from his ear we were not able to get a hearing test done until today. All we knew is that from the pressure and drainage he was having troubles with hearing from his one ear.

Of course Chloe didn't sleep well last night and I had to skip the gym to make this appt so we were all a little edgy. All Bryce could think about was getting back in time for Library. All these little things on my mind I completely forgot how much fun hearing tests are with a tired toddler and an edgy Bryce. By the grace of God we made it threw the test and he passed his hearing test.

After we left Mom needed some motivation to get me through the day
this is my motivation. There is nothing better then a Starbucks Double Shot over ice on days like these. Most of you know how much coffee means to me and my life and THIS drink right here IS my lifeline.

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