Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where is the snow?

That is the question I get daily in this house. Noah and Bryce are DYING for some snow to play in. Not just a dusting here and there no these boys want some serious snow. You know the snow that's so deep you almost lose a child walking across the lawn kinda snow. This is the 1st year we hired a plow guy and have yet to need his services. While I am super excited for the day I can sit inside with all 3 children with a warm cup of coffee and watch someone else clear my driveway and walkway I can also wait :) Ben and I are loving the no snow factor that we have going on here in NE this winter, us CA kids like to be able to see the grass ;). But my poor, poor kids are being tortured.

Last night we finally got some snow. And by some I mean very little but just enough to put a smile on the boys faces. No need to call in the plow trucks or anything but snow gear was in order this am. Noah loved every minute of walking down to the bus stop in his snow boots kicking the snow. Bryce however got to stay cuddled up in bed as he was up again last night sick. Chloe touched the snow this morning and quickly said "no snow hands freezing mama" love her!

Noah was hoping for it to stick around so he could play in it after school. Unfortunately, it is already melting and I can see the grass again.

What a difference a year makes!

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