Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Noah turns 8

8! Seriously?!? We have been parents for 8 years now and we couldn't imagine having a more amazing little guy. Noah was such a happy baby, toddler and now big kid. He amazes us everyday with everything he does. Not to mention he sets the bar pretty high for the best BIG brother EVER!

We celebrated Noah for the whole weekend and it was a blast! Friday was his Birthday and he was off to school with a smile to celebrate with his class. While he was at school our dear friends Erik, Shae and Liam came up from the Cape. This was very special to Noah as he calls Erik "his 1st buddy" The Watson's have pretty much been there for all of Noah's 1st and a steady part of his life. He loves them dearly and couldn't wait to get home to see them all. We then loaded up with more friends and headed out to Birthday dinner. Saturday was Soccer as usual (with the exception of Bryce as he ended up with a stomach virus and was down for the count, yes that was LOTS of fun) Noahs team had a huge win that day and he scored a few goals himself :) I wasn't there as I was still holding up the puke bucket ;(. After the game he had a sleepover at a buddys house then Sunday was the party. What better way to say Happy Birthday then to take 8 boys to the movies. Our friends helped us chaperone and it was a blast! The kids were amazing and everyone had a great time.

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Amanda said...

I love this kid so much!

I've got his bday present right here. What would he do if he didn't get his bday present in February every year? At least I'm consistent!