Monday, April 27, 2009

The Weekend

AHHH what a great weekend here in New Hampshire! It was in the 90's most the weekend and we spent most our time outside. Saturday Noah got a new bike and he spent most the day riding around trying out new tricks to master. Since the sun is actually out and shinning Bryce has been waking up about 630ish now. This doesn't make me totally happy but it is nice to start a nice day out early. He was so tired from playing out in the heat Saturday that he went down for his 1st nap in a long time. Finally about 330ish I had to go wake him up. Ben ended up taking a nap too. Those two do not adjust well to the heat. By the end of the day Bryce had a little heat rash starting to form. Noah and I however can spend all day in the heat and not be affected at all. Sunday was a great family day. We took the boys to the park, did a little shopping and it was home to play outside the rest of the day. Ben and I played a friendly game of wiffle ball. He beat me by 1 point, but seriously with all that cheating he should have done better :). A few neighbors ended up coming out and joining in. After we headed to Bills for a BBQ with everyone. Soon after that it was time to wash the dirt of my boys and get them to bed. All in all a great weekend.

Noah is on Spring Break this week. We played outside most the day again and tomorrow we are headed to the Beach with a Stacey and the girls. Noah is sooo excited to play in the water. Its going to be in the high 80's which means the water will still be freezing cold but I'm sure he won't care much. I'm thinking of taking them out to Boston sometime later in the week to play out there too. Maybe a little Chuck E Cheese in between. Who knows???

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