Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Busy Busy Bees

You can tell Spring is just around the corner over here, things are picking up and schedules are being juggled. We are so excited for Spring to finally show up we can hardly stand it. So what have we been up to? Well a little of everything.

Noah is still full swing into Soccer, he only has 5 weeks left till this crazy never ending Soccer schedule is over. We will all not know what to do with our Saturdays since the last 50 million have been spent going to Seacoast United. Okay maybe not that many but seriously we started this crazy Soccer schedule right before I got pregnant. But no worries Baseball will pick right up where Soccer leaves off. Noah is super excited for Baseball to start, its pretty cute.

Bryce is doing his thing too, which in Bryce world means Wii and DS. We are looking at getting him set up in a Jr. Gym here in Hampton then Soccer again. He will start Preschool next year so we are getting him ready for that.

And little Miss Chloe is doing just GREAT!!!! She is starting to smile alot now and laugh at her crazy brothers. WHEW Im just glad she finds them funny :). Our little girl is growing so fast. She is up to 10.6 lbs and is already 22 inches long. Her 6 week ckup went great and she is as healthy as can be. She even got 3 shots and took them like a champ. She is up to sleeping 6 hours straight at night but we are hoping to build that number up in the next few weeks.

Mom and Dad are just running around trying to keep up with these kids that out number us now. Bens still having fun at work (which is great) and his long winter hours should be coming to an end soon. Which makes Mom very very happy. I'm working on getting better still after my csection....ugh.

Here are some pictures from our super busy crazy weekend we just had. These are from the Egg Dig down at the beach. Yes we are at the beach in our snow clothes, it was freezing. But the kids had a blast so thats all that matters ;)

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