Friday, March 5, 2010

Mini Van.....

Ouch yep I said it, Mini Van. Who would have thought? Not me, as far back as I can remember I have always said that I would NEVER drive a Mini Van. Well things have changed since I 1st made that statement. After driving all around today I started to realize how much more convenient a Mini Van would really be, I mean getting the kids in and out would be much easier, getting the stroller in and out would be a snap, and it would probably get better gas mileage. To be totally honest with everyone I will probably never ever get a Mini Van. I mean could anyone really see me driving around in a Mini Van all day? Okay really don't answer that. Plus I don't remember what life was like without a Tahoe, we love our Tahoe's. I can sit 8 in the Tahoe and the seats can all be moved around till I like where everyone is sitting. I guess I just need to move seats around some more now that we have 3 kids. And plus have you ever seen a Mini Van with upgrades? We all know Ben loves to add to our cars but again being honest I love it to! I couldn't see a Mini Van rolling around with exhaust, an intake, limo tint windows, and do they even make grills for a Mini Van? I'm sure Ben would love to lower or raise it but that would be way too weird looking for me.

So I guess I just answered the Mini Van debate in my head. I'm sure Ben will laugh that I was even thinking this way today :)

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