Monday, March 8, 2010

Weekend updates......

The weather was absolutely gorgeous this weekend here in NH. Dad had duty all weekend but lucky us the weather wasn't big and he was able to be home for most of it. Chloe is either going threw a growth spurt or she is just going to eat like her big brother Noah. She was eating 4oz every 3 hours all weekend long day and night. So by Sunday Mom was more then tired ~YAWN~

Friday~ Dad had to stay the night due to seas. He was missed but the 3 of us managed just fine. Noah was thrilled that he got to stay up late (830) with Mom and help but Chloe to sleep. Bryce on the other hand was in bed well before 7pm, he gets grouchy. Friday night was a little ruff with Chloe so I was praying that Dad was going to be able to make it home in time for Soccer. Yes, we are still going strong with Soccer. Since last fall we have had Soccer every Saturday with maybe a few days off but not much. I was just thankful that it was a 10:30am game and not 8am!

Saturday~ The kids and I were right on track for making it in time, which means it was 9:30am and I was just getting in the shower about to start my mad rush to get everyone out the door when Dad walked threw the door to save the day! LOVE HIM!!! Noah loves loves loves Soccer and is really becoming quite the little player out there. Its great to see how much progress he has made, however I do wonder if he is becoming a little aggressive. But everyone assures that he is not he is just playing the game. After Soccer we loaded up and drove to the beach. It was so beautiful outside. Then it was home to do some yardwork. We spend the afternoon out back cleaning up sticks and playing. After cleaning up the yard it was time to meet our friends at Wings your Way for Willys (its their bird) Birthday. The kids all had a blast hanging with Willy!

Sunday~ Was another beautiful day!! We spent the day again playing outside waiting for Dad to BBQ us some RIBS!!! Yep thats right we BBQ'd!!!

I just hope next weekend is as nice as this weekend was!!!

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