Friday, March 12, 2010

Signs that you have lived in NE too long....

~ You oldest says "wicked" way too much

~ Your kids get excited for Spring because you don't have to wear a snow jacket, snow boots, gloves and your hat to school and play outside.

~ Your youngest wants you to go to Dunkin instead of Starbucks for a donut

~ You call Dunkin Donuts just "Dunkin" or "DD"

~ You can actually understand people when they talk

~ You no longer get pissed at everyones attitudes out here, instead you laugh at them. (Which by the way makes them mad)

~ You don't have a freaking heart attack when you get your 3rd over 600 dollar bill for heat in 1 winter.

~ Losing power in the winter is just expected and no longer a shock

Just to name a few......

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