Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Picking

A few weeks ago we loaded up (by we I mean the kids and I since Daddy was working) and went Apple Picking with friends. What I thought was going to be a mess of a day turned out to be AWESOME! I love it when that happens. Chloe was sick the night before and I was running on little to no sleep but I knew I had to get the boys out or we would all go crazy, so off we went. I snuggled Chloe for the day and it worked great for her. I was sore and hot most the day but I guess snuggling a sick 20 pound little girl can do that to you. Noah climbed EVERY tree he could and loved every minute of it, Bryce ate every apple he could and loved it, Chloe slept and seemed pretty happy.

After we headed to our friends so the boys could run and play some more. I got to hang with Cheryl and Chloe and just relax. It was a great way to spend a duty day. Everyone was so tired by the time we got home not one child cried for Dad at bedtime. Mission Accomplished ;)

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