Thursday, September 23, 2010


These past few weeks have been filled with inhalers, runny noses, fevers, doctor office visits, pulling all nighter's, driving all night to find medicine, sleeping in rocking chairs, sneezes *bless you*, lots of dirty snotty laundry, boogers and tears. But I'm (almost) happy to say its almost over. WHEW!

It all started back when Bryce was so kind and shared his new preschool germs with his baby sister. From there it went to Mom and Noah and Dad has been in the clear so far. But poor little Chloester didn't do so hot with her cold. She is still full of boogers and a semi mess but we will take that over what we had before. Mom is doing okay but would be much better if she wasn't sick at all ;)

I am so not ready for Fall/Winter season and all the little germs it brings

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Amanda said...

This is a tough age! It gets better as they get older! I swear.