Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes the rumors are all true....sad but oh so true. Our little Bryce started Preschool this week. He did awesome and loved every minute of being the "big kid" Dad took the day off of work to be home for his special day, which of course made it even better. The night before we took him out to celebrate his night before his "big day." As soon as we walked threw the door he ran upstairs brushed his teeth, got into his jammies and set his clothes out for the next day. *SO FREAKIN CUTE* He then had to count to 20 for us and sing his ABC's to "practice" for his day. Then off to bed he went (it was only 6:30)

It was so cute watching Dad hold his little big hand into school....that was until Bryce let go and looked up at Dad and said "Daddy I don't need you to hold my hand anymore" Yeah we cried too. He walked right in hung up his backpack and was off. I had to ask for a hug and kiss and we were both taken into the other room for our hugs. There was no hugging in front of the teachers and kids. That little turd ;) However I did get the biggest full sprint to Mom hug when we picked him up so that more then made up for it.

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