Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Preschool blues

So my over happy little 4 year who couldn't wait to start school is having a few problems. Any surprise that Bryce is the one giving me a hard time? I think he is just wired to be my "different" child. But it does (like always) break my heart into a million pieces. He doesn't like to play with the kids, he is always alone playing when I pick him up. When asked he says "Mom I just like my alone time" As most of you know that is NOT our Bryce.

Today just broke my heart, he was standing at the gate waiting for me trying not to cry. He wasn't doing a very good job as the tears started to fall. He was broken hearted because he wanted to have lunch at school. I tried my best to explain to him that we "Mom and Dad" needed to talk about it but today wasn't going to work. (as we all know staying longer means more money and that's slim pickings around here) Well the director already has a soft spot for Bryce and asked for me to pack his lunch Friday and we will see how it goes. Which means Daddy might be playing less golf then he would like.

The teachers keep telling me that he plays great with all the kids and he doing really well. While he still needs work on a few things they all say he is well above his learning curve so they have no worries about him. However his Mommy does so I will be volunteering at his school next week.

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Anonymous said...

Bless his little heart, tears tear me up, hope all goes well over time. Miss you all terribly. Love the video of Chloe talking Ma Ma Ma Ma. More tears after that.
Love to all, MOM xoxoxoxoxo