Monday, March 3, 2008

Our visit with The Watsons

Erik and Shae came into town this weekend. We had so much fun being with them again, especially now that they are officially "The Watson" I already miss them. They came in for Jake's 50th Birthday Party. That is one of the guys old Coastie friends. What a great time that was. A beautiful location with some great people. Shae and I enjoyed each other's company while watching a group of grown men get all giggly over "sea stories" There was such a great variety of Coasties there. From old retired Master Chiefs, to the newest of Surfman. The guys really did have a great time being together again. And it was great to watch. Of course hands down my favorite is Master Chief McAdams, that guy and his wife are just about the cutest thing ever!!! But I must say that towards the end of the night I was having wedding flash backs. Bryce was getting tired and just wanted Mom to hold him, anyone else came close to him he buried his head in me. Noah just had a blast with all the kids there. He even busted out some of his break dancing skills on the floor, it was great.

Other then that we just hung out. Walked the bayfront, dinner at Szabo's, played with the boys outside and Shae and I enjoyed some really yummy Oregon wine while the boys got underway on the Victory last night. All in all it was a great weekend and I really miss being near the Watson's. But I can't wait to be with Shae this summer on the beaches of North Carolina. Only a few more months Shae!!!!

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Huston Family said...

Thats so great that you guys had such a good time! Shae and Watson Look fantastic!!!