Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Morning with Taylie

Bryce and I dropped Noah off at preschool today and to our surprise we got to bring home a friend. Taylie wanted to come with me because she was bored at preschool today. She is ready for Kindergarten but has to wait for her age to catch up with her mind. So she gets bored at preschool really quick. Bryce just loves Taylie and was thrilled to have her. He has learned to say her name "Tay ya" so cute!! Well we have all been playing this morning and taking some pictures. Taylie asked for me to put them on my computer. She is a little sad because I don't have any fun "girl" stuff planned like usual. But with the last minute I didn't have time. We made cakes, cupcakes and did "girl breakfast" last Friday. So today we are playing with Bryce. I am so going to miss my "Taylie time" when we leave. Everyone knows I don't have a girl but I have "adopted" Taylie and we have a blast. From shopping to tea, dress up to baking. Ok here is a picture of Bryce and Taylie.

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