Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend has come and gone

So I was about to post how we had a boring lazy weekend then realized that wasn't true. We didn't get as much done as I wanted but that's OK. We had fun doing what we did. Friday the boys took off to the legion for a "surfman celebration" so the girls all ended up here for wine, games and fondue. Not so much games but lots of wine and fondue were consumed. We had fun and I realized that I have drank way too much wine this last month. Ben got home early and found us all around the table giggly and pretty much making no sense at all. He enjoyed his time with us:)

Saturday I spent the day "recovering" Got outta bed around 930 and was back in by 1130. Ben and Noah worked outside and did some running around town. Bryce likes to still take 4 hour naps so he was home with me. Got moving just in time to head out the door. We had a Seafood dinner at some friends in Depoe Bay. They have a beautiful house and the kids love playing together. We ate muscles, oysters, clams, prawns, seafood dips, sushi, lobster and this really yummy seafood soup Beth makes. YUMMY!!! The kids had fun running in and out but we had to cut it short to be home in time for Ben's bball game. Sara was very sad that her "boyfriend" was leaving and would not let him go until she got a hug. Very funny! The boys and I headed to Brandie's to play some more. Got home around 1030ish, rushed the kids to bed and watched a movie. Well I watched Ben slept.

Sunday morning came too fast. But much to our surprise it was a beautiful day. Ben had to head into work for a bit. So after lunch Bryce went down and Noah and I started to work on the jungle we call a backyard. We picked up poop, sticks and whatever else has blown into it. Then weeded and Ben got home just in time to mow. Washed the side of the house, patio and window. After we thought it would be nice to help Ben clean/re-arrange the garage. What a project!! We finished just in time for dinner and realized that moving his garage will be the biggest pain in my ass ever!!! Matt and Tiff came over for our "weekly Sunday dinner" and just hung out.

Needless to say I didn't work out at all this weekend and my workout partner is leaving for a week. So hopefully I will still get to the gym this week. Or at least hit the treadmill or bike here. Ben is doing great with basketball and running at work.

We are now down to 2 1/2 months left in Newport. Still too much to do and not enough time. I'm hoping I will have a house by the end of the month. That's been a fun adventure. But will save you all of that:)

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