Monday, March 17, 2008

Another one down

This weekend was pretty un-eventful for us. Friday we had some nice weather and Ben finally BBQ some chicken for us. Matt and Tiff joined, good times. Saturday was the Survival Suit Races and Blessing of the Fleet. The races are fun to watch and we got to cheer on 3 CG teams this year. We are proud to say the CG took 1st and 3rd this year! GO COAST GUARD!! It's a timed race to see which team of 3 can get into survival suits and swim out to a raft the fastest. They also do a flare demo.

Sunday we hung out at home. Started to go thru some stuff in the house to get ready for this upcoming move. I have decided that we have way too much stuff!! Its going to be fun. Matt and Tiff came back over for our ROL2 dinner night. Matt made some yummy chicken and rice. Then we enjoyed some dessert fondue made by yours truly.

I must say that I'm totally over the rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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