Monday, August 4, 2008

NH State Park

One day last week the boys and I went venturing out. We were told about a state park near by that had trails and such. Being a little homesick for OR and our trail walks to the park, beach and everywhere else in between we took off. Heck if I remember the name but it was beautiful. I must say it is pretty out here but we were very spoiled with the amazingly breath taking views we saw everyday along the Oregon Coast. But that day walking in the park with the boys I was taken back at how pretty it was. And I actually enjoyed being able to walk on the rocks to the water. The boys had a blast venturing off finding hidden picnic tables and a playground. If only the bugs would have stayed away it would have been perfect! After applying the bug spray 3x's and still being bitten we took off with a promise to bring Dad back to walk more trails.


Amanda said...

SUCH beauteous pictures!

Huston Family said...

Awww what fantastic Pics! My goodness the boys are getting so big!!!