Monday, August 11, 2008


Okay I'm a little slow on the weekend updates, sorry. 2 weekends ago we spend most the time at Ben's station. It was Yankee Homecoming so there was a ton going on. We got to the station Saturday in time for a catered lunch hosting by one of the local restaurants. After lunch we walked around the town with 2 other couples. It was nice to finally meet people from the station. Later that night we headed back to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately there was too much fog to enjoy them. So I watched the boys run around the basketball court being chased by Dad. It was super cute! The next morning we were back at the station by 1030am. The CO asked if we would ride in the boat for that parade that day. We got to the staging area by 1130 and sat and sat and sat around some more. By 130pm the thunder clouds rolled in fast and it started pouring rain. We jumped outta the boat and headed for our cars. By the time we got back to the station and the guys changed out it was closing in on 230pm. Still no lunch and soaking wet we decided to pass on a BBQ and heading to Sams Club for some over due shopping.

This weekend we had a GREAT time. We have made some new friends YIPEE! Ashland and I took the kids to this really cool indoor park thing in Newburyport on Thursday and did lunch. Friday the guys had a ruff schedule at work and were on the golf course by 130pm. OUCH! After golf we headed to "our new friends" house for a BBQ. They have a little girl a few months older then Bryce so the kids had a blast running around. Saturday they asked if we wanted to head out on their boat to find a beach somewhere. We decided to stay home and get some cleaning done, fun I know. But we had a really great day. After cleaning we headed back to the station to pick up the Honda then stopped by the store to pick some Birthday toys up that finally arrived for Bryce. Came home and played with new toys the rest of the night. I'm sure once Ben got the picture of the lobsters Adam got he wished he would have gone. Oh well maybe next time. Sunday we were supposed to have more thunderstorms come in much to our surprise it was a beautiful day. We got ready and loaded up for the beach. After a few hours of sand, water and exploring we headed home. Dad and Bryce took a little cat nap while Noah and I picked up a little. After naps we headed outside to play with Tyler (the little boy across the street) The kids get out there power wheels and take over the streets of Summerwood, its great. Ben cleaned and vacuumed the cars then joined the adults. After dinner Ben and I were beat so it was a record fast bath and quite time then quickly off to bed. We enjoyed the rest of the night with each other.

So that's what our last few weekends have been like.

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