Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tricare+Navy Base= MIGRAINE

What a day! Call tricare to make sure our paperwork went threw to get the boys into a pediatrician,
"Yes Mrs. Molnar we have the boys set up with Dr. Abbott."
"WTF!! Who is that?"
"Your doctor you choose for the boys"
I already knew this wasn't going to be a short call. Asked to be transferred to the enrollment department. It pretty much went downhill from there. I think what pisses me off the most is that I have dealt with tricare for the last 6 years, both as a member and a biller. Yes it can be a pain in the ass but it really hasn't been till today. I have to admit I was defeated! So hang up with Tricare, call the Navy Medical office in Portsmouth. Explained what was going on and that we were assigned to Dr. Abbott. To put it nicely the lady was a BITCH! She told me that's not possible cause he was no longer there and once she realized my husband was in the CG got even ruder. I was then told that "our command" needs to start giving the right info out. BITCH! Come to find out I didn't even need her 2 sense cause she couldn't do a dam thing to help me. Was then transferred around a few times, they were trying to figure out how to use their phone system to get me to the Tricare Rep on base. Not very hard but whatever. Finally get to her, she turns out to be just as rude over the phone as everyone else. Proceeds to tell me that I need to submit a writen request to have my boys see an off base doctor. And from there the "guy upstairs" will either approve or deny it. Then goes on to tell me that I shouldn't be picky about free medical and my boys could be seen there today. Lets just say I was a little fired up. Make an appt for 2pm and was instructed to show up no later then 140pm or we will not be seen. Finally get ahold of Ben, who wasn't very thrilled about they way Navy Medical handled the whole thing. The XO gets ahold of Sector/Group whatever its called in Boston and they are not happy either and started making calls. From their he was told that a new rule came out if you use the stations address you will be on Tricare Prime Remote but if you use your house address then you qualify for Prime only, which means you have to go to the MTF. And of course I used our house address.

Scared to death to step foot on that Navy base without Ben he was home by 1250pm to get us there. I mean seriously would it kill the Navy to be a little nicer? So I now remember why I choose to stay away from Navy bases and stick with Airforce or Army and least they have manners.

I do have to give the medical office credit. Ben and I were very pleased with the care that the boys got today and the nurses were very nice too. So Bryce's ears are fine and Noah looks good to. But I will try my best to stay clear of the Navy base in Portsmouth.

On our way home Ben stopped and got me a few bottles of wine, which I fully plan to enjoy in a bubble bath tonight. He has gone back to work to stand 1st boat so the boys will be in bed by 730pm!!! YIPEE

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Huston Family said...

Welcome to the East Coast and The Asshole's we generously call the Navy!
Glad the boys got good care though!