Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday Night

It's nice a quite in the house so I thought I would take some time to share our weekend, so far. Friday was only a few days ago but heck if I remember what we did. I think Sam's Club was involved and playing outside with neighborhood kids. Saturday we got up and headed to the Dover Children's Museum. Of course I got us lost on the way but Ben was a great sport about it. The Museum was nice, the kids had a blast but it was kinda small. Now please realize I'm still in the "compare everything to OR" phase. And compared to the Children's Museum and OMSI it wasn't much fun. But the kids couldn't tell a difference and we had a blast watching them explore. After they put on a little "show" for us on this stage that was right outside. Headed home and their friend Tyler was outside playing. We spent the rest of the day riding bikes, scooters, power wheels and just getting dirty. We brought Bryce in for bed by 7pm so it was an early night. Noah and I spend the rest of the night playing Wii Fit. He is hilarious! He loves the push ups. It's a little hard for him to have to wait till Mom's done with her time schedule but he's learning. Sunday, Ben was letting me sleep in. It was a little hard with Bryce coming in the room "mommy, mommy" in a quite soft whisper. The boys and I spent the morning cleaning. Is it child labor if your 4 year old cleans the bathroom? Weird but Noah loves to do it, so I run with it. Scrubbed all the floors, bathrooms, windows, floor boards we did the works. Then we started on laundry while we watched Dad pace back and forth waiting for his Fantasy Football Draft. He didn't want to start anything in fear of missing it. After the draft we headed outside for yard work and a good old fashion family water fight. It ended with Dad, Mom and boys in the pool. It was fun.

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ with neighbors. Ben is smoking some chicken and the kids will no doubt be running around. They are all hoping its nice enough to play in the water. We will see.

I have pictures from the Museum to post later. Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!!!!

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