Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ultimate Fan Helmet

By now everyone knows about the Pats/Steelers game we are going to in November. Well every time we talk about this game, either with each other or with Erik or Shae excitement fills us. Like just now talking about it I want to jump up and down. We have been saying some pretty funny stuff that we are going to do for the game. Well not Shae cause she is and Eagles fan and wouldn't be caught dead in Pats or Steelers stuff. Ben and I game across these Ultimate Fan Helmets (Thanks Mom aka Lu) We are not sure if Ben's head is going to fit so we just got one for now. How much fun is this going to be. Can you just see Ben sporting this! We are going to have so much fun. Bring on November!!!!

Hey Shae is this one Erik already has?

1 comment:

Huston Family said...

HA HA HA Those are great!! But how the heck are you going to get that to fit over Ben's Big head! LOL Just joking Ben!!!