Monday, August 25, 2008

Saturday Morning

It's about 8:30am, kids are starting to wake up, sun is shinning, its going to be a great day. I head downstairs to start my coffee and let the dog out. I also decide that I should clean the filter in Noah's pool. Everything is going just fine until....

this snake went right over my foot!!! I just about had a heart attack standing there. I jump over to the cement step, shaking, crying and yelling for Noah to run up and get Dad. The snake and I just stood for about 10 mins. Too afraid to move, I swore he was staring right at me. I start to realize that Ben isn't coming down and has already gotten in the shower. I take off running for the door and straight upstairs to Ben. He thought that the snake had bitten me the way I was shaking and crying. It was HORRIBLE!! Finally Ben heads out back to get the snake for me. He picks the snake up (YUK) and drives it to the woods to let it go. He didn't agree with my idea of killing it. The boys thought it was great! And just like that my perfect relaxing Saturday morning blew up.



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Huston Family said...

HA HA HA Yup! another snake hater here! I used to run those little bastards over with the lawn mower!! The Neighbors thought I was nuts because I could mow the back yard in 7 min. Flat!! At a full on Sprint!! Running to hit them and running from them! LOL