Thursday, August 7, 2008

Root, Root, Root for the ANGELS!!

Ben and his brother were able to make it out to the Red Sox/Angel game while they were in town. Both were super excited and it was their 1st time seeing the "green monster" Matt met Ben at work and they took off from there. The boys and I sat home bored outta our minds and green with envy. The Angels kicked ass!! GO ANGELS!! So it was a great night for Ben. haha. The boys got home around 11ish with lots of fun stories and laughs to share. Both boys forgot their camera's so Ben snapped a few pictures with his phone.


Huston Family said...

Awesome!!! That is cool! Glad you had a great time Ben!!!
Sorry Shelle that you didnt get to go =(

Amanda said...

I'm so glad they got to go together! Matt misses the brotherly love stuff. Great pictures - I'm stealing them!