Friday, March 20, 2009

Not cool Mom

So on Wednesday I volunteered to bring snack on Friday for Noah's class. Because I'm cheesy I was actually pretty excited about it. This morning the boys are eating breakfast and I am making snacks. Noah finishes his 4 packs of oatmeal, 2 spoon fulls of yogurt and some fresh cut fruit SERIOUSLY HOW DOES HE DO IT AND WHEN WILL IT STOP?!? Then comes over to help out. He sees that I'm cutting celery and adding peanut butter along with some cut apples. Noah then says "Mom that's not cool, we want a cool fun snack." I asked what that would be and he couldn't think of anything "cool and fun" He then told me that the kids would not like it and it would be my fault. I can't believe at the age of 5 my son told me I wasn't cool! So after school we are heading to the truck and he says, "Mom your snack was really good and I really liked it, some kids didn't eat it but me and my boys did." "Thanks Mom your the best" And gives me a big hug before getting in the truck. How sweet is this boy? He even wanted more celery with peanut butter for lunch too! Bryce on the other hand had more fun rubbing the peanut butter all over his shirt and I even think he got his hair when I wasn't looking. Crazy kid.

We hope everyone is enjoying their 1st day of SPRING!! The boys and I are enjoying the sun even though its cold outside. We ran around out back before lunch and did some arts and crafts before nap time. Bryce spent his AM running around town with Mom with a last minute trip to Dad's station. They had a chili cook off today and I am happy to announce BEN'S CHILI WON!! Okay really it's my recipe but I let him borrow it for the day. Mom came in BIG TIME with over nighting the "special" ingredient from California. We have been looking for it like crazy out here and after some research we now know that it is a "West Coast" thing. THANKS MOM!

This weekend is filled with fun and more BBQ's. Saturday we are having a Kick off Spring neighborhood BBQ. Should be a good time. Ben will be smoking the chicken for the event and is pretty excited. Not sure what Sunday will hold but I'm sure we will think of something.

Okay off to detail the inside of the truck before Ben drives it this weekend! He will be less then pleased with the appearance :)

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