Saturday, March 7, 2009


As most of you know I have been doing some painting around here. It all started with the bathrooms but has turned into the whole house. This is my 1st time ever painting and I'm enjoying it. I mean I'm not going to be opening my own painting business but I think it's looking pretty good. Ben has helped out when he can but I do most of it while he is at work. I just finished the living room and computer/toy room. I still need Ben to take the TV down so just don't look at that part. And the wires will all be hidden in the walls soon so don't look at those either. LOL. I didn't want to wait on pictures any longer. Next up for painting is the wall going up the stairs and the loft/upstairs area. Then I will be moving on to the kitchen/dinning room.


Shae Watson said...

Looks awesome... you do great work!!!

Laney said...

Love the color! What, no pumpkin orange?