Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Visit with friends

Our friends from Vermont came to visit for a few days this weekend. It was so nice to see Laney again and finally get to meet her husband Mike and their new little baby boy Jacoby. What a sweet little baby, I didn't want him to leave. We start talking about how long it had been since we saw Laney last. We couldn't believe it was way back when we 1st moved to Newport. CRAZY! We were stationed with Laney in Ilwaco, WA and have kept in contact with her ever since. Ben also got a few laughs because I have frames with pictures of us in them still, goes to show you how often I change out my pictures. LOL. Its just the best when you meet up with old friends and it feels like you haven't missed a beat. Thats totally how it was. And it felt like we have known Mike just as long, it was really awesome. And don't even get me started on Jacoby. What a sweet little baby boy. The boys just loved him! I'm really looking forward to our trip out to see them in Vermont.

We drove around Hampton and Newburyport before the snow hit. We even saw a crazy surfer guy in the ocean. Then just hung back at the house the rest of the time talking and playing with the kids. Mike and Ben went out and got "Beach Pizza" for dinner. Of course they loved it! The next day we were supposed to hit the outlets but with the 10+ inches of snow that had fallen over night and the snow that was still falling kinda put a damper on it. I'm just glad they made it home safe and it didn't take 12 hours.

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