Sunday, March 15, 2009


Wow!! So you know that really bright yellow thing in the sky? The one that gives off heat and light? Yeah it came out to play this weekend and we LOVED IT!!!! The boys were squinting their eyes most the weekend and poor Bryce kept closing them saying "I can't see you, I can't see you." It was pretty cute. We did pretty much everything we could to enjoy the sun this weekend. We BBQ'd here at the house with some friends. Ben made RIBS!!! YUMMY!!! Rode bikes, powerwheels, 2 different beach trips, park, bubbles, baseball, washed both cars, some shopping and lots and lots of family time outside. It was a great weekend here in NH. BRING ON SPRING!!! Noah was so excited to see the sun out he dusted off his boardshorts to wear to the beach today. It was pretty funny. My kids were the only ones in shorts and sweatshirts.

Other then that not much new going on here. Im still fighting a cold and it sucks. Bens a running maniac and the boys are doing great. They both have matching bumps on their foreheads with bruises too. I need to try and get to the Elementary school sometime this week. But I'm still not talking about it so something tells me it might not happen. Oh yeah, Noah started soccer last week. It was so much fun!!!!! I will post later about that one later, something to keep you coming back for more :)

We wish everyone is AZ a fun filled week with their visitors! Wish we could have joined you guys but maybe next year :)

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Huston Family said...

YAY For the sunshine!!! Cute Pics! The Boys are growing like weeds!!!