Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Snow

So many of my family and friends are feeling the sunshine on their faces, running and playing at parks, flying kites, walking down the pier in HB, enjoying a nice walk in the park, and actually believe it or not putting shorts and tank tops on their kids. Well not us over here. The boys and I went out yesterday after the snow stopped and had another snowball fight, built forts in the snow, made snow angles and went for a nice walk in the snow. We got lucky today and are enjoying seeing the blue sky's and sun out. It's melting most of the snow that fell yesterday so I'm happy.

My friend Stacey and I went shopping for the kids today. Noah and Ella start soccer Thursday so we hit Nike up today. (No Al I left what your thinking in the closet for a later date) After Nike we went to get more paint for the house. I finally choose a blue color for the HUGE wall going up the stairs. Seriously I didn't really know how big that wall was until I started to paint it. Its going to be a good time. Ben has no idea that I have started painting again but I think he will figure it out when he walks threw the door. He is a pretty smart guy. Ben has a Basketball tournament in Boston the next few days and he is pretty excited for that. We are both trying to keep up on our running (Ben does better then me) I'm happy if I get in 4 days a week at this point.

Bryce is getting his last 2 year molar in, FINALLY. And is just a little man or should I say Noah now. Did I tell you guys that it's almost time to sign Noah up for Kindergarten? No probably not cause I'm not talking about that yet. ~TEAR~

Okay I think my arms have recovered from holding the painter thing above my head for so long. Going in for round 2 before I have to start dinner. Here are a few pictures from yesterday.