Thursday, March 19, 2009

Anyone know what tomorrow is?

THE 1ST DAY OF SPRING!!! YAHOO!!!! Its been a long cold, bitter winter and it's almost over. And believe it or not I have a backyard now. Yes the snow has been melting off and the kids and I can run in the backyard without our snow shoes on. Bikes have been dusted off, powerwheels charged up, bubbles are being blown, bbq's ck'd for rust damage, parks are starting to be unlocked, everything is coming back to life here in New England. The tree in my front yard even has little bulbs forming on them. I LOVE IT!! I have never been much of a "gardener" (ask Erik about the last and only time I planted flowers in Newport, it wasn't pretty for me) but I can't wait to plant flowers, see them grow and smell them every morning when I wake up.

Noah is so excited for Spring. He never really knew what Spring was till we moved here. He can't wait for Spring to get here cause Summer is next and that means NO SCHOOL! I am one of those crazy Mom's that loves when Noah is outta school. We have so much fun everyday all day. I can't wait for another Summer with my boys. But it also makes me sad because this will be my last Summer with him before he goes off to "big kid" school and makes all new friends to play with next Summer. ~tears~

And guess what's 2 1/2 weeks away? Anybody? No? Okay OUR 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!
I'm just so excited about this!!!


Huston Family said...

Spring?? Its a myth! At least here in Alaska!!! Man What I wouldn't do for some spring weather!!!
10 years seems to creep up on ya hu?! Ours was the 13th! How time flies!

Shae Watson said...

10 years! That's awesome... time flies when you're having fun!!