Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tight rope painting

It didn't take long for Ben to notice that I had started painting the wall today. I was pretty much finished with the 1st coat when he got home. My only problem I was facing was the middle and top of of the wall. Now this wall is about 15 feet tall. It was actually pretty funny watching me lean over the railing to reach as much as I did. And the ladder I was using on the stairs probably wasn't the safest either. So Ben comes up with a genius idea. He goes out into the garage and cuts a 2x6 piece of wood that was 9 feet long. Just long enough to rest across the railing. Then attaches another piece of wood under it so it wouldn't bow down. How smart is this guy. Brings it in and drapes it across like a bridge to paint on. At 1st I was scared for his life but it all worked out great!!! The wall looks good. Just not sure what color I'm going to do with the rest of the upstairs and loft area. Ideas are welcome!!!


Amanda said...

Get my nephew off that plank of death!!!

Coastie Family said...

haha. Noah wants me to put it back up when he gets home from school.

Laney said...

Ben, your crazy.