Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where have I been?

WOW it's only been 6 days since my last post but so much has happened. (At least I think) And I was started to have with drawls :). Well lets see........The weather has been AWESOME a little cold but I will take it. The snow in the backyard is completely melted and the front is going to take all spring but its slowly going. Noah is days away from being able to play outside at school again and is so excited. We have been hitting up the parks again and they finally unlocked the park here in Hampton. So much fun!! Last weekend we BBQ'd again. A few families in the neighborhood did a "Kick of Spring BBQ" it was alot of fun but I think we pushed it a little. It just so happened to be the coldest day. Ben had a hard time getting the chicken to smoke cause it was so cold outside. The kids could have cared less. We got the boys another powerwheel and it was the 1st day to drive it. They LOVED it!! Bryce is kinda afraid of it so Noah drives it all the time and is in heaven. Between the 4 kids that are always outside playing they have 6 different powerwheels to choose from. Its just nutz out there!! Soccer has been going great. Noah loves it and really likes being there with Ella. Its funny cause those 2 stay together the WHOLE time. And Bryce is Noah's number 1 little fan. He stands in the players box cheering for Noah in between snacks. Then of course Noah gives him the occasional wave, its super cute. I can't wait for Ben to be able to come. Its only 1 day a week during work hours for Ben, its the last class they had for winter so we took it. Plus its more directed at practicing skills and having fun then competition. So he isn't missing games or anything like that.
Tried the potty training thing with Bryce. He is ready now its just getting Mom to get on board. He is actually more excited about the "treat" after he goes that he holds it and only lets a little out each time. Seriously in about 2 minutes I think he went 5 times. I'm going to have to figure something else out. And believe it or not I can leave the room with him in it and he won't come screaming after me. Yes its true. Even better I can leave him with another adult and run inside to grab something and he is okay. Baby steps baby steps.

And I think the biggest news I have is.......I went to pick up Noah's kindergarten papers on Monday. This is all happening too fast. Open house is April 2nd and he has an assessment and I meet with a counselor on April 14th. Seriously a counselor? I asked how many Kindergarten classes they had here and I was told 7. Yes 7!! I was totally blown away. Lucky for me you can see the playground from the parking lot, Yes I'm going to be that Mom who goes and watches her son play for the 1st couple of weeks. I just want to make sure he is okay. He is excited about starting next year but is not happy that girls will be going to his new school. The thought he would be getting rid of them already.

Okay thats about all I have time for now. I will leave you with some Soccer pictures from last week. I still haven't uploaded my pictures from the weekend. (This only took me a week to get pictures on here.)

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Huston Family said...

Ya I was starting to go through withdrawls as well! I knew the weather must be awesome there.....Jealous!