Wednesday, April 22, 2009


We had lots of events leading up to Easter. The boys enjoyed all of them but I think their favorite was Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. Noah's school put it on and it was great. My friend Stacey came along with her girls and we had a great time. We also did an egg hunt with Stacey at a local Nursery in town. It was fun and they had lots of eggs, the Easter Bunny even came to visit and tell stories. Then it was onto dying eggs. I was waiting for this day for a long time. Last year was hilarious with Bryce and Ben. Bryce thought every egg was a ball and the bowl of dye was the basketball hoop. I need to load the videos from last year, Bens face was PRICELESS as the egg went flying into the dye and all over him. He was on a mission to have much more control of Bryce this year. It started off rocky, Bryce was in such a hurry and wanted to toss them in. Ben was great and showed him how to slow down and be easy. So dying eggs this year went great and the boys loved every minute of it. Easter Sunday was a quite day. I was planning on getting up for Church but stayed up way too late reading my book, I over slept. I know horrible excuse. We stayed in our jammies most the day talking with family so far away. It was hard hearing how everyone was together. The day was also freezing so we stayed inside for most of it. We had a nice dinner and it was off to bed. Here are some pictures. Of course I totally forgot to take pictures of what the Easter Bunny left and the ever so cute Longaberger Baskets the boys have. I only get to use them, I mean the Easter Bunny only gets to use them once a year and I don't take pictures, FIRED!

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