Wednesday, April 1, 2009


How do you pick out pillows? Soft, firm, extra firm, medium, plush, ultra plush, feather, hypo allergenic, allergy free, over stuffed, extra long, extra short, down, down alternative, my head is spinning make it stop! I went yesterday to buy Ben and I new pillows. Apparently I suck at picking out pillows and have been fired. We spent most the night cracking up laughing in bed and not sleeping. This stupid freaking pillows I got were just outta control. They said they were prefect for side sleepers and I thought great how could I go wrong? While laying on my back my head was so elevated my chin was almost hitting my chest and Bens was even worse. He spent most the night making fun of these pillows and had me in stitches. Yes, I was pretty tired due to the lack of sleep the night before so anything could have made me laugh last night but he was still pretty funny. Heck even the sound of Dad's dog barking was pretty funny too. Okay pillows focus. Ben ended up throwing the new pillow across the room like some mad man and used my old pillow. Mind you the night before he threw his old pillow out and used a blanket as a pillow. So please help I am in serious need of new pillows. Ben did ask if I could "take them back" after thinking of that it kinda grossed me out. Yes we used pillow cases and only laid on them for a few hours but still. I don't want to buy a pillow that someone may or may not have already used and returned. Doesn't that sound gross to you?


Amanda said...

I have no idea how to pick pillows. It's a challenge. I have a fear of pillows that are too old so I tend to buy cheap ones as I replace them often. Last time I got the one size in allergen friendly hypoallergenic pillows at Target for $8.99. I like them. They're eh. Fine I guess.

I have a water pillow. I bought it at the chiropractor's office for Matt a couple of years ago and he hated it. I love it. I have to use multiple pillows to watch tv or read but for sleeping it's teh awesome!

Anonymous said...

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