Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter Bunny and weekend

On Saturday Noah's school did their annual Breakfast with the Easter Bunny. This was our 1st time and I wasn't really sure what to expect. Ben had duty all weekend and was at the station due to weather so I was flying solo. We got there and my friend Stacey met us with her girls for breakfast. It was a pretty good time. When the Easter Bunny came out Noah was all excited and to my surprise so was Bryce. They kept walking up to the stage and waving to him. Bryce was even blowing kisses to him. I was pretty excited since I had just figured he would cry most the time, be the center of attention and I would get NO pictures of the boys. The boys walked up to stage to see the Bunny. Noah and his friends were all excited to have pictures taken together when all the sudden the Easter Bunny moved. There was screaming, crying, running off the stage head 1st and some sliding on the floor below before it was all said and done. And of course it was my son, Bryce. Well Bryce apparently didn't know the Easter Bunny was going to move and when he did it scared the crap out of him. Half the room was silent thinking he had just broke something for sure and the other half that knows Bryce was finding the humor in it. He calmed down pretty quick and told the Easter Bunny "No, No, don't get me, Don't move" and wanted nothing to do with him after that. After that we went to the preschool and did some activities they had going on down there then played on the playground with the kids. We spent about 2 hours there and had a great morning.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quite. Like I said Ben had over night on Friday and got home Saturday about 4ish. Still in need of something for Ben to wear tomorrow we took off to the mall. It was a pretty late night we got home about 845ish. Party animals over here, watch out! Sunday we headed out to Adam and Ash's house for dinner. The boys were hoping to have lobster but no bites.

This brings me to Bryce. This kid has really come out of his shell. He is so full of life and just loves everything he is doing. It's very cute. But another part of Bryce is coming out and Ben and I are not sure if we like it. Noah hit this stage alot earlier, had better balance and some common sense. We are days away from an ER visit and I just hope its for something small. Friday the boys were running around after bathtime. Naked and having a good time until Bryce trips over his own feet lands face 1st onto a small plastic bowl and splits his lip. By the time I realized what had happened he was covered in blood and pretty much spitting it all over. With Ben at the station it was a mad dash to get everyone dressed, try to stop the bleeding and maybe look at packing a bag for the ER. My friend Stacey had called while all this was going on and loaded her girls up with her medical bag and flew over. Its nice to have your own personal medical staff on call! Shortly before she got here the bleeding was under control and Bryce was just happy to see Stacey. Couldn't talk and tell her what happened he had to act it out. When he fell head 1st onto the floor I think both of us jumped to stop him. It all ended with no trip to the ER and he will have a little scar on his bottom lip. Saturday we got home and the boys wanted to drive their trucks. Bryce is just a little daredevil on his now. I'm in the street watching both the boys going around. When Bryce starts up our driveway on to walkway. A slow pace walk while telling him to stop turned into a full sprint to catch the truck before he went over the rock wall by the electrical boxes. I got to him in time and he started laughing "That was fun Mommy I go down fast" I couldn't take it anymore and he had to park his truck and find something else to do. Oh yeah and he was inches away from hitting his head on the granite step at Ben's work Saturday too. So I am now in search of a bubble or some sort of padded suit for him to wear outside with helmet.


Renee said...

Your boys sound a lot like my boys. Just wait until they get older, it only gets worse. I am really surprised we have never actually had to go to the ER. We have had to buy the liquid stitch a lot though :) Your boys are so cute!

Amanda said...

He's taking after his cousin Skyler who had stitches on her forehead TWICE by the time she was three. There's a clumsy gene in there somewhere!