Friday, April 24, 2009


1 more day till the weekend and we can't wait!! Ben and I have been pretty happy with the upcoming weekend. 1-He has it off and 2-it's going to be in the high 80's Saturday and Sunday. Can you believe it?!? I'm glad we finished all the yard work last weekend. The backyard is looking so nice and green. I'm thinking a few more weeks till we mow it. Ben got everything out of the garage that has an engine and started it up. I was given some reason about them sitting all winter and flushing out the system. I think he just wanted to hear the sound and rumble. He even took the boys on a mini bike ride. I was okay till Bryce jumped on. The bike is small yes, but I know how fast that thing can go and with no brakes seeing my little baby on Dad's lap freaked me out. I was happier then ever to have him back in my arms again. Yes I know he will be 3 this summer but he is still so much Mom's baby. So I'm thinking outside playing, maybe a beach trip with the dog, water gun fights and Dads BBQ are in the works for this weekend.

Next week is Noah's last week of Winter Soccer. He had such a great time in the Grassroots program at Seacoast United that we are signing him up for the Spring session and maybe a Summer camp too. He is really wanting to play Baseball this Spring but I can't get anyone to email me back about the program. I even asked Ben if he thought Bryce was ready for Soccer. Seacoast offers a 3-4 year old program and I think he would love it. Ben laughed and asked if I was really talking about our Bryce. Yes this kid has some balance issues and gets some sort of injury at least twice a day. But I do think he would love it!! So who knows............

Noah has a doctor appt this AM. He has been complaining of his ear hurting. Poor kid, I was kinda hoping that we out grew this stage. Noah has always had to have his ears flushed and some sort of ear issue. He keeps telling me its fine but this AM when he cried when he pulled his shirt over his head I knew it was time to go. He is sleeping fine, eating fine, and no fevers. He is so used to ear troubles that the pain has to be really bad for him to say something. So I'm sure the doctor will flush an insane amount of wax outta his hear. He will get the normal "Noah you shouldn't let it go this long, if it hurts tell Mom" speech. The doctor will be amazing at how still he sits while your forcing fluids into his ear and digging to get everything out. Can you tell we have done this a few times? He is a little nervous this time cause it will not be Dr. Rash that he is seeing or his nurse. What if they hurt me? He asked this AM. He even asked if Stacey can just come over and do it. But he is at school now, he said he just had to go. So he must not be too worried about it.

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