Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing catch up

The weeks have been flying by around here. Every Monday I think to myself that I need to post pictures and share stories with everyone. Then before I know it BAM Friday is here. Its nice that the weeks are going by so fast now cause for awhile they were dragging on. It's safe to say that Winter is finally over! WHOO HOO!!! Ben has been really busy at the station so it took us about 2 weekends to actually get the yards cleaned up and grass seed down. But its done and looks so pretty. We are now talking about digging up some ugly bushes in the front and putting new ones in. The boys are doing great! We actually had our 1st Dentist appt with them. I wasn't really sure how it was going to go. Okay actually I thought Noah would be great and Bryce would scream and have to sit on my lap. I was also sure that the Hygienist was only going to get one look in his mouth before he shut it tight. But much to my surprise it went GREAT! He sat in the chair all by himself and actually let her clean his teeth, yes she used all the tools and everything. Both boys have very clean teeth which made Mom happy. I thought for sure Noah was going to have a cavity. But nope. I have pictures from Easter egg hunts, dying eggs and Easter of course. We have had some play dates in between school and soccer. I have to admit that the laundry and housework have been pushed aside. My friend turned me onto the Twilight books and they are GREAT!! If I am home at all I have my nose stuck in a book.

So hopefully I can get some pictures on here soon for everyone

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