Monday, December 15, 2008

Flying Santa

Every year their is this group that fly's Santa to different lighthouses in the area. You sign your kids up before hand and he brings every child 1 present and you get your picture with Santa. The station has a lighthouse so we are lucky enough not to have to travel far. Neither one of us were really sure what to expect but man were we totally impressed afterwards. Ben fell in love with the helicopter and they did such an awesome job. The helo circled around a few times and dropped this glitter stuff all around. Then landed right there on the parking lot of the station. They boys were just so excited. Noah was jumping up and down yelling for Santa and Bryce was right next to him. He was so freaking cute. Everyone got inside and Santa started calling out names. Bryce's name was called before Noah and he really wasn't too sure. He walked up all happy and sure of himself then ran crying. I ended up taking him up there but heck if he was going to get close to Santa. He graped his gift and yelled "Thank you Santa" as he ran back to Dad. Noah was called shortly after. And much to our surprise he ran up. He has always been afraid of every Santa we have ever seen. But this year he got right up there and started talking to him like they were old friends. The elf guy thought he was funny and Santa joined in but it was all in good fun. When Santa asked Noah what he wanted for Christmas the Elf chirped in with "A Pats jersey" Then Santa said a "Brady jersey" They got lots of laughs. Yes the family was in our Steelers jerseys, hey it was football Sunday.
After that we all headed to Target to get some shopping done. It was the perfect end to a rather stressful weekend. And I can't wait for next year's Flying Santa!!