Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Tree

As everyone knows almost the entire Molnar/Ventura family was here for Christmas. We dropped everyone off at the airport yesterday and it's really quite around here. So time to play catch up. We did so many things and had such a wonderful time with everyone. I'm going to be posting multiple posts to get it all in. I have over 500 pictures on my computer not including what Amanda emailed me. YIKES!!! So get ready :)

We waited till everyone got here to get our tree. Well little did we know that Sunday would be the biggest snow storm I have ever been in. It was crazy. You could barley see in front of you, let alone what the heck the tree looked like. The older kids (Zack, Sky and Noah) loved every minute of it. The babies (Bryce and Madison) not so much. We always knew where to go by the scream of Bryce. Jess took Madison back to the house thing once she realized how far we were really hiking. Yes we hiked in a blizzard to cut our own tree down. I stayed as long as possible with Bryce then headed back too. I missed out on the cutting of the tree and the family picture by the tree. My favorite picture from that day is of the Dads (Ben and Matt) with their kids that stayed. Super cute!!! But with 6 adults and 5 kids we managed to get the perfect tree in a blizzard. We rocked!

After we got home the snow only got worse. Matt and the kids didn't leave till about 9ish and we were nervous for them. But they made it home safe. Most of the night was spent laughing and watching Ben, Matt and Jeff blow and shovel the never ending snow. Then before we knew it Matt was burring Ben in the snow out back. They had way too much fun in the snow that night.

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Huston Family said...

How fun!!! You guys had a heck of a snow storm aye??