Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve Rambles

So remember that list I made about the cold weather? I have learned more, Im sure your excited to hear.
* The ice is really really slippery and it hurts when you fall.
* When you fall on the ice, the older you are the longer it takes to heal.
* Snow really is a pain in the ass.
* 4 wheel drive isn't necessary but it sure helps ALOT!
* My kids cheeks are going to stay red all winter long.
* Remember that "small fortune" you spend on heating, that was a lie too. It's more like "Sorry kids we needed your college fund to pay for heating when you where 4 and 2"
* Those 4-6 inches they say your getting multiply by 12 cause the road plow guy just blows it all over your driveway and front yard.

So thats all I got for now. Other great news to share. The checkout lady at Sams today asked if I was in my 40's!?! That was nice, freaking people. I'm thinking of skipping a month of heating for plastic surgery. And a goal of ours is to have everything we need in the house BEFORE the snow storm hits. Ben will be spending the next few days at the station which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't a gimp. Not sure what I did to my foot, for those who don't know I feel on the ice Christmas morning. But it's not getting better. Actually it's finally starting to swell and I'm just over the pain and gimping around. All our neighbors are AWESOME and have offered to watch the boys so I can go to the ER. Yes I tried to call my doctor but I can't be seen till the 6th? Again, nice people. I'm just going to feel stupid if I spend 5 hours to hear "you just over extended it" "stay off it and ice" Right with 2 boys and a husband gone all week at work, don't think so. We finally feel like "true East Coasters" Ben went into the Auto store today for wiper fluid and came out with new fancy wiper blades, new fancy de-icer fluid (i think), coolant, one of those fancy get the ice and snow off your car before you leave brushes, and TADA breaks for the Tahoe. Never letting him that store alone again. But you should have seen his face, smile from ear to ear. I think this snow storm today is supposed to be done by tomorrow then I'm sure another one is on its way. YIPEE!!! The boys and I are heading over to Bills for a New Years Eve get together. I'm bringing things for the kids to have fun and celebrate with us. Totally bummed that Ben will not be with me for my New Years Eve kiss but I will make it. This will be the 1st New Years since High School that I will not be kissing Ben. I know you are all crushed.

Okay I will start posting more pictures from our fabulous Christmas week with family :)

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