Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weekend with Friends

After the game Erik and Shae came back to the house to stay for a few days. We love having them here and miss living by them soooo much. I'm hoping we get another chance to head to NC before they make their way to CA. Okay the weekend, lets see. Monday was a slow getting up day but I think everyone was up by 8am. I made waffles and we took our time getting ready. After we were all ready we took off to show them the area. Even though the beach was dead it was still cool to drive around. Everything was boarded up and it was a stormy day so watching the ocean was fun. We hit up some "beach pizza" (and talked about the awesome people who turned us onto it) then sat and watched the ocean while we ate. Then we hit up Walmart where I think Erik bought just about every single Patriots thing they had. He was in HEAVEN!! By that time we were way past naps for the kids so we headed home. Shortly after Bryce and Emma went down Shae and I were changed into our "comfy" clothes and the boys had broke out the Wii. The plan was to go out to eat but that never happened. Shae and I took off the the store where we got the most yummy food ever. We had the best little seafood dinner!! And I learned how to cook my steamers that I love sooooo much!!! SHAE YOU ROCK! After Emma was picked up the wine was out. I was a little giddy that I had a friend to share wine with and we did share a lot! They boys enjoyed their beers and we played Wii well into the "wii" hours of the night. haha get it. The next day we all woke up with soar arms but it was a BLAST. Tuesday we took them back to the airport but before that we hit up the Christmas Tree Shop. I didn't score any points with Erik but he still loves me, I know it. And of course the guys made a trip to the station to "check" things out. They are funny that way.

And I can't not tell everyone about the wonderful lady at the Christmas Tree Shop. She was so nice and had the best manners ever. It just warmed all our hearts. So Noah is walking around his Dad, when this lady comes walking by. Noah see's her and stops not really sure what to do. Both at the same time try to move around each other and bump into one another. Well this really nice older lady decides it's a good idea to comment. She says very loud "Someone should teach that boy manners" ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! Both Noah and Ben said sorry it wasn't that big of a deal. By the time Ben was done with his rather loud smart ass comments back to the lady I'm sure she wished she would have kept her big mouth shut. Shae and I were still a good few people back in line so this went on for a couple minutes. The lady really tried to keep saying stuff to Ben but she was no match. By the time we walked outta the store she was cussing at us all when we walked by.

Other then that it was a great long weekend with the Watson's. Here are some pictures. How cute is Erik and Bryce? Erik was helping Bryce play Wii Fit and Ben pretty much beat everyone in the hula hoop. Noah loves cooking with Shae and both the boys loving taking pictures with them.

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Shae Watson said...

We had so much fun!!!!!! My arm is still a little sore from Wii, haha! I loved our seafood and wine night... can we do it again this weekend?!? Give the boys my love! XOXOXOX