Sunday, December 7, 2008

Ahh The Weekend

Where did it go? I have a feeling these next 2 weeks are going to go by sooo freaking slow. And I'm sure the night before everyone arrives I will be running around like a chicken getting things cleaned and finish with the Christmas decor. One would think I would be slowly taking care of these things. Wait I was telling you all about our weekend.

Okay Friday, Ben got off early and came home to fall asleep. He hasn't been feeling very good but I think he is getting better. After Ben's nap we headed out to Adam and Ashlyn's house for dinner. Adam's Mom was in town so we got to meet her. We had a great time. And of course Ben loved the Hef on tap. YUMMY!!

Saturday we had so many intentions of getting lots done. Well we did about half. Ben got up early to help a neighbor pick up a snow blower. Seriously this thing is HUGE! After that we started to get out Christmas lights and decor. I managed to bring out 2 indoor decorations, yep only 2. My big snowman and this Santa Lu got us last year. I now remember why I put it away so early. This thing never shuts up. Super cute but seriously!?! Then it was lunch time before lights. We took off to drive threw McD's and get a Starbucks, like 3 hours later we came home. We got a little side tracked. We started getting the lights done when we were suddenly stopped dead in our tracks. Guess who went down the driveway on his bike, clipped the back end of the Tahoe and flipped head 1st over the handle bars? Yep that would be our Bryce. What is with this kid? We are seriously thinking of putting him in a bubble. His face just cleared up from the head 1st fall onto the granite steps at Noah's school. He falls about 4-5 times a day face 1st. Well after the blood stopped coming from his mouth and his tears cleared up. We realized that he fell on the same spot he did last month. The only problem with this is that his tooth and gums are turning black. I'm working on getting him into the dentist. So he may be toothless when everyone gets here. ARGH! But no worries a cookie from Dad brought the smile back. After we got half the lights done it was time to head to the Exeter Christmas Parade. We met Bill, Karen and Tyler there. The boys had so much fun watching all the floats and it brought back lots of memories of the Hollywood Christmas Parade for Ben and I. Bryce was asleep for the night by 630pm so Noah got to stay up with us and play a new Wii game. Yes I should have just saved it for Christmas but he saw me buy it.

Today (Sunday) we have done absolutely NOTHING! Seriously, most the time I say we are lazy I at least do a few loads of laundry or something. But today nope. Want to know what we did do? PLAY IN THE SNOW!!!!! That's right we got our 1st snow today. To us it was a big deal but I'm sure people thought we were crazy. Noah and I were outside most the day throwing snow and running around. Zeus even loved it. Bryce however, not so much. He locked me and Noah out. He was pretty upset yelling at us to come in cause it was freezing outside. And we needed the fire. We didn't listen so he locked us out and went upstairs with Dad. It was pretty funny. Okay we maybe got like 2" but like I said we thought it was cool. I don't think it's coming back till the end of the week. Hopefully it will be back for Christmas.

I will work on loading pictures from this weekend and post later. The boys are upstairs having quite time (yes I know its only 615pm) but they are tired. Actually you might get those pictures before tomorrow, the Steelers games isn't going very well at the moment. ARGH!!

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